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We love our new metal roof system! You provided a great solution to the ongoing problems that we have had with snow and ice build up on our old asphalt roof. No more heat wire for us! Additionally, we appreciate you coming out to take care of the small service item after you were done. We hope you enjoyed the bag of apples that we gave you – thanks again! ~ Dr. K, Alpena MI
We love the color, we love the style, and most of all, we love that we never have to another roof again. ~ Karen, Ann Arbor MI
You were our third estimate. As you know, the other companies were MANY thousands of dollars more. I appreciate that you gave me your true price, even though I had told you how much their estimates were before you came out. My new metal roof looks fantastic, better than I could have imagined. Your crew was outstanding. Both of my neighbors (one is my brother) watched them work from start to finish and really admired their skill and work ethic. By the way, one of the other companies called me (after you were done) to follow up on their salesman. They didn’t yet know that I had chosen your company. They told me that they would drop the price $10,000 now. What’s up with that? I told them that they were still way too high priced and that I had chosen your company. ~ Edgar B., Willis MI